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Single Guys that HAVE NEVER attended a BMFC Party before

  • make sure this is submitted at least 3 days before the  event you want to attend

  • provide me with a FACE PIC (I do NOT want to see your cock, no matter how proud of it you may be)

  • provide a biography.


Single Guys that HAVE attended a BMFC Party before

  • contact me before the deadline 

  • let me know which party you last attended and when the party took place (I will be checking if you did actually show up!)


Single Females/Couples
Generally, single ladies and couples will usually be added straight to the guest list. However, BMFC parties are very popular and places are always limited.
You should ideally, contact me ASAP to enable me manage the ratio of single guys : females
Allocated places will ALWAYS be confirmed.
Check out the party process pages for more details if anything remains unclear

Enter your name here. If you have previously attended a party, this would help me recognise you quicker. If you have never attended a party, I will still need a name to add onto the list. This is not displayed publicly and will not be used without your consent.

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Which party would you like to attend?

If you have previously attended a BMFC event before, let me know when and where. I will be checking to make sure you attended or if you could not attend, that you had informed me. If this did not occur, you may still apply but, be ready with a good enough reason why this time will be different. 

All single males who have never attended a party before are required to provide me with a FACE PIC (I do NOT want to see your cock, no matter how proud of it you may be).


Please note – the biography is YOUR opportunity to convince me that you should be allocated a much sought after place at one of our parties.

Your biography is your chance to let me know your age, what experience you have in this field, what your expectations are, and it also allows me to see if you have done any research, if you have any social skills and if you understand the importance of etiquette!

By checking this box, you agree that you are over 18 years old. You also agree to the BMFC Privacy Policy and BMFC Etiquette Ideally we like our guests to be over 25 years of age but do not deny those aged between 18 and 25 years old entry following a phone conversation with Helen.

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