Which of your venues are WHEELCHAIR friendly?

AROUSALS (a fantasctic venue that rarely sees fewer than 200 guests) is situated UPSTAIRS but once there, the entire venue is on ONE LEVEL. There's always muscle clad guys on hand too - so we will do whatever we can to ensure that you have an enjoyable evenng with access to all areas
RADLETT - this is a large house set in 3 acres of land. The social areas are all downstairs - all wheelchair friendly - there is also a jacuzzi and swimming pool - the playrooms are upstairs, but play is NOT forbidden in the social areas if you are an exhibitionist - there is a caravan and a poolside chalet that would be more accessible for you though
XTASIA - a venue that is very large, set on several levels, however staff are more than happy and experienced in assisting wheelchair users - some areas are a bit more difficult to get access too, but the majority of the venue is wheelchair friendly
EUREKA - very accessible - the venue is on ONE level - including playrooms, dancefloor and wet side
NO3 CLUB - a spacious venue situated UPSTAIRS however once there, it is ideal for wheelchair users as everythng is on ONE LEVEL
JAYDEE'S - a large venue on multiple levels. Meaning that SOME, but not all of the venue, is accessible via wheelchair users.