Which is the BUSIEST venue?

We often get asked which venue is our busiest

Before asking, i would suggest that you really think this through properly - busy is fine because with 'busy' goes choice and everyone wants to have a choice of potential play mates - however 'busy' also often results in queueing up to play!!

So, when you ask 'which is the busiest venue' i urge you to answer, how busy do you class to be busy?

Attendence versus venue capacity also needs to be taken into account - think about a normal vanilla night club with a capacity of 1000 yet it only has 200 people in it - is that a busy night?

Obviously i do not own a crystal ball and therefore it is impossible for me to ever estimate how many guests will attend a specific evening, however i do have several years experience under my belt and can provide the following information that may help you to make an informed decision when choosing the venue that you feel you will get the most out of 


Capacity (approx)

Average Attendance 

Arousals 200 200 - FULL
Eureka 300 100
Jaydees 200  
Radlett 100 80
No3 Club  100 75
Xtasia  400 220