What is the average age of BMFC Party guests?

This is a difficult one to answer, as we will only know that when people walk through the door.

9 years ago, when i established the BMFC, the average age of our female guests was late 40

These days, the that has REDUCED to early 30's to early 40's.

My guess is, they are at an age where they know what they want and one thing that they DON’T want is drama.

The average age of the Black Guys who attend, tends to be slightly younger and if I had to guess, id say its in the region of 30

We do not actively encourage anyone under the age of 25 to attend the BMFC Parties, but there are always exceptions to that rule.

I would like to see a decent biography and have a telephone conversation with you before adding you to the party guest list! The most important thing for me though isn’t the age (unless you are under the age of majority), it’s the attitude of the guests … And when we get THAT right, we know we’re all in for a great party!!

There is NO DOUBT that YOUNGER people are becomming more attracted to this lifestyle especially where the BMFC is concerned!