What happens at a BMFC Party?

Wow - the MILLION dollar question!!

What happens depends on YOU

BMFC Parties are not orchestrated, guests get out what they put in!

If a guest attends a party (male, female or a couple) and makes NO effort to socialise, then i doubt they will enjoy their BMFC experience

BMFC members are on the whole VERY sociable

They LOVE to meet new people, but they are also VERY aware of peoples personal space - so unless they know you, they will wait for YOU to make the first move

First Moves include

  1. SMILE - Simple yet SO effective
  2. Strike up a conversation - this doesn't need to be anything heavy - just a simple, is this your first time here, its mine ...
  3. Offer a drink to others at the bar - a BRILLIANT idea is to bring an EXTRA bottle of booze with you to offer to guests as an ice breaker (at the BYOB venues) or indeed BUY a drink at the licenced venues


  1. Stand alone looking scared - a very off putting look
  2. Keep your coat on - creates the impression that you don't actually want to stay
  3. Get so drunk that no-one wants to go near you anyway
  4. Expect OTHERS to make the effort

Remember - conversation is a TWO WAY STREET

So what happens at a BMFC Party? ... People giggle, talk, dance, flirt, drink, eat, and sometimes get VERY friendly!!!