We are a Bi Sexual Couple - Are any of your Black Guys Bi?

I get asked this question quite a lot, so here is my general reply!

The majority of Black Guys that attend BMFC parties would NEVER admit to being Bi-Sexual in a PARTY ENVIRONMENT

That doesn't mean that they are NOT bi-sexual in a PRIVATE meeting

In my 9 years BMFC experience, i have NEVER seen any public BI GUY play at a BMFC Party

Some husbands pay a lot of attention to the Black Guys cocks, often resulting in an awkward situation

So, word of advice to Bi Husbands

  1. Remember no-one likes people that invade personal space
  2. Do not 'accidently' touch
  3. The Black Guy RARELY needs your help to put on his condom!
  4. By all means ASK, but be prepared to respect their answer!