I/We have attended small house parties/hotel meets - so how is a BMFC party different?

I first started to organise BMFC parties after a few very unsuccesful 'hotel meets' where me and my partner showed up, but the other couple were not quite as per their photos (im sure we've all experienced that!!?)

Hotel meets / small house parties are GREAT, IF there is mutual attraction

If not, then its VERY DIFFICULT to walk away as play is usually expected

The MAIN difference at a BMFC Party is the sheer volume of guests - and with numbers comes choice

In addition to the 'choice of guests' we also have our very strict NO PRESSURE POLICY which means that guests can do 'as much or as little' as they feel comfortable

Attend a small house party / hotel meet and you WILL feel under pressure to play

Attend a BMFC party and stay on the dance-floor all evening and no-one will judge you!

Aternitavely, a lady can take 28 guys into a playroom all at once, and no-one will bat an eye lid!!

Hotel meets / small gatherings are arranged with the focus on PLAY

BMFC Parties focus on SOCIALISING, FLIRTING, DANCING with a possibility of play!

Remember the 3 main rules of the BMFC

  • Mutual attraction
  • Mutual respect
  • Mutual consent

Get the balance right and fun will be there in abundance!