I want to attend a BMFC Party - What do i do!??

All guests MUST be BMFC Members so if you DON'T receive our regular party newsletters you are NOT a BMFC member

1) Click on the FREE membership form JOIN NOW (found on the BMFC homepage)

2) Check the BMFC calendar of events http://www.blackmansfanclub.co.uk/bmfc/pages/bmfc-events-calendar to choose a party that you think you may enjoy

3) Check the VENUE description http://www.blackmansfanclub.co.uk/bmfc/pages/bmfc-party-venues to ensure that your chosen venue will meet your specific needs

4) When you have DECIDED the event - then complete the GUEST LIST APPLICATION FORM http://www.blackmansfanclub.co.uk/bmfc/webform/party-guest-list-application

5) Advice for SINGLE GUYS - follow ALL of the advice within that form as failure to do so may result in you missing out on all of the fun

6) SINGLE GUY deadline - THURSDAY before a party

7) You will receive a COMPREHENSIVE PARTY CONFIRMATION from me within 24 hours (if you haven't received a reply within 2 days, then RE-CONTACT ME (i am NOT perfect and may sometime overlook admin)

Cool Follow ALL of the advice within the confirmation and you will have a FANTASTIC BMFC experience