How does the BMFC Community and our parties work for COUPLES?

Becoming a member of the BMFC commuity, you have an opportunity to attend well organised adult parties (in various venues across the UK) enabling you to meet REAL PEOPLE in a safe and clean environment.

All guests are BMFC members, meaning that everyone has agreed to abide by the BMFC etiquette which clearly displays the behaviour that we expect of all our guests.

We have a Very Strict NO PRESSURE policy for all guests - giving our guests the opportunity to do as little or as much as they please. This makes BMFC parties ideal for newbies and more experienced swingers alike.

The couples that attend our parties are all very different - each have their own particular boundaries, rules, and approach to this lifestyle

Some couples attend because they are CUCKOLD - A husband or long term boyfriend who either likes to watch his wife with other men or is forced to watch. Often there are different levels of humiliation involved such as chastity, financial, sissification, etc. Terms surrounding cuckold include cuckolded, hotwife, bull, lover, etc (urban dictionary definition)

Some couples attend because they enjoy 3somes - so the hsband /partner also enjoys to get involved in the play

Some husbands in the couple like to act as 'hunter gatherer' and will search for single guys to pleasure his wife while she lies in wait for their return. The male partner may sometimes take on a 'porn director' role during the play session too

Some couples are looking for that elusive bi female

Some couples attend for couples play

Some couples dont just fit into one category and can morph between all of the above!!