Do you allow CUSTOM MADE couples?

All experienced swingers will realise that admission to parties is ALWAYS more expensive for Single Guys (with the exception of EUREKA) 

It ISNT fair but as i am governed by the venue owners, my hands are TOTALLY TIED

Some single guys / single ladies 'couple up' to save money / circumnavigate the SINGLE GUY DEADLINE

I have NO PROBLEM with CUSTOM MADE COUPLES attending my parties however i DO have a problem with some guests choices!

I am AMAZED at the number of custom made couples that attend a party with a 'partner' that they have NEVER MET BEFORE

In my opinion this is a potential disaster waiting to happen

1) How do you know this persons character?

2) How do you know that you would WANT to be associated with this person?

3) How experienced IS this person?

4) Do they even KNOW my expectations / etiquette

5) Are you prepared to be removed from the party WITH them if they are asked to leave?

Coupling up with a stranger NEEDS TO BE THOUGHT THROUGH

Remember - if you are attending AS a couplem then you ARRIVE as a couple and you LEAVE as a couple

To spell this out - if the lady wants to leave the party, then the guy that she couled up with MUST leave at the same time!!!!!

I arrange ADULT PARTIES and each person needs to take responsibility for THEIR behaviour, however as a 'partner' you may find yourself GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION if things go t*ts up during the event

Remember - Some guys maybe coupling up to save money (a valid reason) but some maybe using you because they are just too lazy to go through the Single Guy process

The question YOU need to ask yourslef is - if they are too lazy to complete a short biography and provide a face picture, are they REALLY the kind of guy we want at a party anyway?

I will say it again - i have NO PROBLEM with CUSTOM MADE COUPLES but i suggest you couple up with people that you have met up with PREVIOUSLY