Are TV's / TS's or Cross Dressers welcome?


We do NOT expect guests to attend a party and judge OUR preferences, so I will NOT condone guests to judge ANYONE ELSES preferences either!

We are a TV / TS / CD friendly community, however not everyone will understand your choices, needs or indeed your sexuality

TV's, TS's or CDs are MORE than welcome to attend a BMFC party, however you MUST agree to be honest with any guests PRIOR to discussing play

The reaction from any male guests who 'accidently' discover that a 'lady' they've been talking to, turns out to have more between their legs than they bargained for, may not be favourable

I will NOT be held responsible for the reaction of any male guests 'dupped' into playing with a convincing TV / TS / CD

2017 has seen a surge of enquiries from the TS/TV/CD/TG community both from individuals AND from their admireres 

We have welcomed several into our fold on a regular basis however we need to ensure that we retain a happy balance, so if interest continues to rise we may have to introduce a maximum number allowed at anyone party

Seriously though, if interest continues to rise at this rate, we may even think of introducing a BMFC BI Night - so WATCH THIS SPACE!!