Fun 'n' Frolicks at FUNTIME

Event date and time: 
Sat, 23/03/2013 - 10:00pm - Sun, 24/03/2013 - 5:00am
Event capacity: 
Fun 'n' Frolicks at FUNTIME: Image

If you are a lady that hates to choose one when you can have them all, then this is the party for you! It is our NO FRILLS venue where guests would rather get down and dirty in the playrooms than sweaty on the dance-floor!

FUNTIME is the venue that our HARDCORE players choose to attend. FUNTME is the venue where the GREEDY LADIES come out and the guys who LOVE to please attend!!

Doors open at 10pm ... No admission after 1am .... Chucking out time 5am

  • Lockable Play Rooms
  • Communal Play Areas
  • Social Areas
  • Pole
  • Bring your own Booze bar
  • FREE pool table

FREE buffet served at MIDNIGHT to help you top up your energy levels!!


Party Contribution Costs
  Before Midnight After Midnight
Single Guys £40 £45
Couples £20 £25
Ladies £5 £10


Due to the design of the club, there is no live DJ. This however gives the guests and BMFC crew more influence on the music they want to hear