BMFC - Sexy in SLOUGH - Launch Party - TOGA THEME

Event date and time: 
Sat, 28/02/2015 - 10:00pm - Sun, 01/03/2015 - 4:00am
Event capacity: 
BMFC - Sexy in SLOUGH - Launch Party - TOGA THEME: Image

Grab your bed sheets and get on YOU-TUBE to learn how to make a TOGA!!

The BMFC are pleased to announce that we have secured a NEW VENUE for our wonderful members to enjoy

This elegant and newly built spa is situated in SLOUGH, BERKSHIRE only a stones throw from HEATHROW. Finished to the highest specification, this brilliant venue only opened in November 2014, so the BMFC are some of the FIRST people to discover it!!

This relatively yet undiscovered gem is an ideal location to relax and enjoy the wonderful facilities whilst meeting up with the sexiest people on this planet

This is the ONLY spa type venue in our menu of options making it IDEAL for those members who LOVE towel parties

Its also perfect for our members who prefer a more intimate gathering as the venue capacity here is 80, ensuring that this is a very sexy, friendly and playful, BMFC ONLY party!

Party Contribution for THIS PARTY ONLY (prices have been reduced for this special launch party!)

Single Guys - £20

Couples - £20

Ladies - £5

As always, prices increase if guests arrive after midnight!

£2 per person TOWEL HIRE (unlimited towels available)

£10 refundable deposit for each LOCKER KEY

Naturism is accommodated within this venue

Dress Code for those who DONT want to be naked

Ladies - Lingerie, Sarongs, or towels

Guys - Boxers, shorts or towels


The interior of this venue is marble, so it is imperative that guests bear this in mind when choosing their footwear for this party.

We do NOT encourage high heels or stilettoes as we want to avoid any risk of accidents

Remember, this is a SPA, the floor WILL often get wet and become SLIPPERY!!


The owners of DIVINOS take their responsibility very seriously and want to ensure that all guests are SAFE during their visit

With that in mind, they want to be an ALCOHOL FREE venue

They are VERY knowledgeable in all health and safety matters and know the pitfalls of consuming alcohol in a spa environment .

Spending time in a jacuzzi, steam room or sauna whilst under the influence of alcohol can result in an increased heart rate, which may cause palpitations, fainting or even heart problems - this risk also applies to having too many energy drinks

The BMFC will work very closely with DIVINOS staff and we will NOT allow any alcohol consumption during a BMFC Party at this venue

Any guest who we feel is drunk, WILL be removed for their own (and others) safety - so please bear this in mind if requesting a place on this guest list

As this is the SMALLEST of our venues, places will go fast, so DONT waste too much time securing YOUR place