BMFC - Creepy in Chorley

Event date and time: 
Fri, 28/10/2016 - 8:30pm - Sat, 29/10/2016 - 2:00am
Event capacity: 
BMFC - Creepy in Chorley : Image

Friday 28th October at NO3 CLUB, Chorley, Lancashire


Whats the BEST thing about being a BMFC member??

Is it our SEXY members - Is it our brilliant party vibe? - Is it our no pressure poilcy?

Possibly its a combination of ALL THREE, but its ALSO the fact that BMFC members have the opportunity to check out ANY of our venues WITHOUT having to pay for their CLUB MEMBERSHIP!!

So, if you're a member that lives DAAAAAAN SAAAAAF, then why not arrange a ROAD TRIP and check out this WONDERFUL club 'UP NORTH'?

Plus as this is a THEMED EVENT, we KNOW it's going to be a BUSY one - so GRAB YOU SEXIEST or SPOOKIEST Fancy Dress and come join us for this FANTASTIC PARTY

There is NOTHING as good as NORTHERN HOSPITALITY and at The No3 Club, it comes in BUCKET LOADS!!

Giggles, flirting, great music and LOADS of SEXY FUN - thats what you get when you come to a BMFC Pary at The No3 Club

Doors open at 8.00pm and the venue closes at 2am

Single Guys £30

Couples £25

Ladies £5

This venue has FANTASTIC facilities, ensuring there is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE

  • Dance-floor
  • Licensed Bar
  • Bar seating area
  • Spacious social area
  • Subdued lighting
  • Pool Table
  • Lockers
  • Hairdryers / Straighteners
  • Dark Lounge
  • Glory Holes
  • Sex Swing
  • Dark Room
  • Orgy Room
  • 3 Lockable Playrooms
  • Smoking Area

This venue operates a DRESS DOWN policy at 10.30pm - but if youre in FANCY DRESS you do NOT need to dress down!!

So maybe you're an EXHIBITIONIST - maybe you like PRIVACY - Or maybe you LOVE the excitment of using GLORY HOLES

Whatever your 'thing', you will have LOADS of fun with us

To secure YOUR place, get your names to me NOW