BMFC - Banging in Bedford

Event date and time: 
Fri, 15/09/2017 - 9:00pm - Sat, 16/09/2017 - 3:00am
Event capacity: 
BMFC - Banging in Bedford: Image

Friday 15th September

at JAYDEES, Bedford


Have YOU checked out the new HUGE CUSTOM BUILT JACUZZI at JAYDEES yet?

Well it certainly is a popular area with the BMFC there, and its often full to capacity with all 30 seats occupied by our very sexy guests!!! 

The subdued lighting in this new area, along with the seating and bed is a lovely addition to this already FANTASTICALLY equiped venue

We are pleased to announce that we have maneged to secure this SUPERB venue to host our BMFC Parties on the THIRD FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH!!

This will be a BMFC ONLY Party - so you KNOW that EVERY GUEST is here for BMFC FUN!!

A FANTASTIC venue with BRILLIANT facilities that we KNOW our members will LOVE

  • Discreetly situated with ample safe off road parking 
  • Lockable AND communal play areas
  • Sexy Cinema
  • Couples ONLY area
  • Jacuzzi and Sauna 
  • Lockers
  • Social areas 
  • Dance-floor and DJ booth

This venue will be a hit with our members so make sure you get your names on the guest list NOW to join in the fun!

Unlike our other venues, this is NOT on an industrial site, NOR is it in a residential area - so you can be SURE of descretion 

JAYDEES is a CUSTOM PURPOSE BUILT venue set on a farm, that has been designed with guests needs in mind - providing a MAZE of play spaces and socail areas for guests to explore and enjoy

A great dance-floor for all that flirting, grinding and getting your swerve on - providng an opportunity to shake your ass to all the tunes that you expect to hear at a BMFC Party

Doors open at 9pm with STRICTLY NO ADMISSION after 1am 

Party Contribution (CASH ONLY)

Single Guys £35

Couples £25

Ladies £5

Remember prices ALWAYS increase at MIDNIGHT so PLAN YOUR JOURNEY WELL!!

But why would you want to get there after midnight ? - Its a known fact that the most important part of ANY BMFC Party is the FIRST 2 HOURS where guests chat, flirt and literally SIZE EACHOTHER UP.

Miss the Social Hours and you WILL be playing catch up!!

Bring your own booze but you non alcoholic drinks there

The venue also offers LIMITED STAY OVERS - once the plarty has finished - but these need to be BOOKED IN ADVANCE as you would with ANY hotel!! 

The cost is £20 per night.  (please bring your own bedding). We hire Bedding Packs at the cost of £20 per night. (Which will make it £40 all together if you wish to stay over at the last minute).  Rooms MUST be vacated by 11am,

This is a BRILLIANT facility and is great news to ensure that ALL guests get home SAFE n SOUND after partying till the small hours! 

Looking forward to seing members - old AND new - on the dancefloor!