BMFC Party Etiquette

By submitting your BMFC membership, you agreed to abide by the BMFC etiquette, so it is advisable that you READ and INWARDLY digest ALL of the points below as failure to comply may result in you being REMOVED from a party and having your membership revoked


1) HYGIENE – Please ensure that you are CLEAN both BEFORE and DURING the parties


2) DRESS TO IMPRESS – One warning will be issued, but constant failure to comply will result in admission being refused at the door


3) NO 'DOORWAY' POSITIONING – Guests who continually position themselves at the entrance to playrooms WILL be removed from a party as this is a MAJOR breach of the BMFC etiquette


4) DO NOT HASSLE – If a guest (or indeed the guests partner) says that they do not appreciate your advances, then save face and move on to another guest who may appreciate you


5) SWITCH OFF MOBILE PHONES – And KEEP THEM OFF or it will be confiscated


6) BE COURTEOUS – Manners cost nothing but may reward you well




8) NO DIRECTIING – Guests do not appreciate being told what to do, so if you are fortunate to be allowed to 'watch' do so QUIETLY (unless invited to do otherwise)


9) LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL INTAKE – Drunk guests rarely have fun, often cause a nuisance and will be removed


10) SOCIALISE – ALL of the BMFC venues have large social areas to enable guests to get acquainted, flirt and dance. The guests that utilise them are the most successful


11) DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Check out the BMFC Tips 'n' Hints page for loads of useful information


12) BE SAFE – Practice safe sex as it really is the only safe way to enjoy this lifestyle


And most important of ALL


13) NO MEANS NO – This also means that a guest has EVERY RIGHT to change their mind at any stage throughout the 'activities' in hand